God mode refers to a very popular cheat that allows players to become literally invincible when playing a video game. It can also allow you to carry infinite ammunition, to hold an unlimited number of items and ultimately become an untouchable deity. Even though nowadays developers don’t really like to give players all the power, gamers have found a way to still hack the system and be able to use god mode and this is why today we are going to take a look at 10 of the most powerful god modes in video games.

Unreal Tournament 3

Alongside other available cheats found in Unreal Tournament 3, the “god mode” offers you the possibility to play the game like a total legend. By activating it you’ll gain full invincibility, a trait that’ll prove to be very useful when you want to pass through the levels with no care in the world. The god mode is highly appreciated by the gamers who like to just shoot their way through the gameplay, caring only about the pure action part of the game.

Deus Ex

image via square-exix.com

In Deus Ex the god mode comes in very handy when you have to fight a tough boss and you seem to just die a lot and aren’t able score a kill. The good thing is that this cheat is also very easy to enable, by simply changing the value of “L” to “L=God” you’ll be able to activate it while in game just pressing this key on your keyboard. Many fans of the Deus Ex games choose to play with the “god mode” on because it helps them beat the unbeatable and enjoy a stress-free playing session.

To view the rest of the selection and see examples of the God modes in action, check out the video:

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