Sometimes live streams reveal terrifying things that were not supposed to happen and that the streamers and the audience didn’t expect at all. These shocking incidents tend to get viral and spread all across the internet, letting us witness totally spontaneous moments that, in this case, are haunting enough to make us remember them long after we’ve seen the videos. Today, we’ll be covering 10 of the scariest moments that happened during livestreams.

Streamer Robbed at Gunpoint

image: YouTube

Sajedene is a Twitch streamer who got even more famous after she was robbed by an armed man. While playing a live match of Dota 2 this gamer was surprised by loud noises that were coming from the other room and, after she got up to see what was happening, the twitch viewers caught a glimpse of a man that came in looking for some more loot. After this scary incident took place, Sajedene sat down and explained to her fans how she was held at gunpoint while being robbed.

Getting Swatted

When a heavily armed SWAT team storms into the room while you’re live streaming Cs:Go, you cannot help but feel totally shaken. This is exactly what happened when the popular gamer Kootra got himself swatted by one of his viewers, the intervention squad cuffing and interrogating him live, while his fans were watching. Swatting is one scary experience and this gamer will surely remember it for the rest of his life.

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