Sara Geurts is a model from Minneapolis in her 20’s who has a rare skin condition that makes her body very unique, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting in front of the camera in order to follow her dreams of modelling, and inspiring others with the same condition to feel positive about their bodies.

Her condition means she’s lacking collagen in her skin, which works as an elastic and allows the skin to stretch and snap back to shape, so with the lack of collagen it changes the elasticity of her skin, making it very soft and fragile.

When she was younger, she would just try to cover it up because she didn’t want to deal with answering questions about it, but she felt like she was living a lie. As she got a bit older, she gained a lot more confidence and started to see the beauty in her uniqueness.

She wants to send a positive message to anyone else struggling with this condition (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, or EDS), and encourages them to reach out to her directly and to check out support groups, and tells them to follow their dreams no matter what they are. It’s very cool of her to open her door to anyone else who needs advice or support.

She took the thing she felt most insecure about, and thanks to her bravery now other people are able to see that they’re not alone, and have a role model to help them not feel insecure or ashamed like she used to.

Her girlfriend is very supportive and is also her photographer, and hopes the modelling world opens up their doors so she can further pursue this path.

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