65 year old NHL hall of famer Marcel Dionne has the nickname “Little Beaver” but he was more focused on something else at the recent NHL awards, where he took the stage with Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman. Dionne has had a legendary career in the NHL that has him considered as one of the all time greats.

Everyone has their pre-written banter for these types of shows, and it’s usually just a matter of trying to get through it without stuttering or messing up a word, but “Little Beaver” went off-script when he adlibbed about Aly’s legs and made things slightly uncomfortable, but she motored on like a champ and rolled with it.

If you watch carefully, you can actually see her instinctively reach for her dress as she nervously laughs, as if she wishes there was enough extra fabric that she could pull the dress down to cover herself while people in the audience whistled.

Ironically enough, they were presenting the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy together, which is awarded to the player who displayed the most “gentlemanly conduct”.

image: celebmafia.com

People have pointed out that Aly isn’t shy about her physique, and has posed in ESPN’s body issue and in bikinis, but Marcel is still getting some flak becasue it’s one of those “time and place” type of situations, and seems like he really caught her off guard with something they hadn’t rehearsed.

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