June 18, 2018

90% people fail to guess this Taiwanese designer’s age

90% people fail to guess this Taiwanese designer’s age

Do you think you’re good at guessing people’s age? Did you come here to prove us wrong, hotshot? Think you’re part of the 10% who get even remotely close to guessing correctly? Think again.

This interior designer from Taiwan has the internet in a frenzy trying to guess her age. Most people aren’t even close to getting it right, and most people can’t even tell if she’s older or younger than she looks.

She can go from looking like a kid…

To looking like a teenager…

To looking like she’s in her 20s…

Here’s a spoiler: She’s older than she looks. But in order for that clue to help, you have to know how old she looks in the first place, which is the real struggle of the day, along with trying to figure out why Eminem looks so strange with a beard.

She says the secret to looking so young is that she drinks a lot of water, and eats a lot of vegetables. That’s a good plan and everything, except that water isn’t coffee and pizza isn’t a vegetable, so it’s not very practical advice for most of us.

Ready to know the answer…?



She’s 41 years old. 

How many of you guessed even remotely close? Who guessed over 20, 30, and who guessed over 40? Claim your bragging rights in the comments. No cheating.

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