Telltale Games is back with a bang after hit games like Minecraft and Game of Thrones. These games were still topping the list when the studio had it all getting ready to tell the story of Batman. You might be feeling, why again Batman? There are so many variations of Batman out there like the famous ones by Nolan and Arkham games.

So what’s the difference?

The main notable difference is that this one is more about Bruce Wayne. This will be the first time that this human version of the Batman will form a crucial part of the gameplay with enough storytelling and conversation. Even though the story line has a base from the various other Batman lore, Telltale Games have added their elements to bring up a new and enticing story. You will realise this when you begin with the game as there are the same characters but a different scenario and several new characters. There have been some top Batman characters like Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing. You will be seeing less of them and more of others like Alfred Pennyworth, Renee, Vichi and Gordon.

The player can change between Bruce and Batman when required. As in any other Telltale game, every action will pump up a series of consequences.

Release of First Episode

The first episode of the game was released on August 2, 2016, and will be one of the top games being released this summer. Other popular game releases this August are Abzu E3, No Man’s Sky, Grow Up, Deus EX: Mankind Divided and Madden NFL. The game trailer which was premiered at the Game Awards did not give much idea on what the game would look like. Episode One: Realm of Shadows is structured by Pierre Shorette who is attractive for the Tales from the Borderlands.

Understanding Bruce Wayne

The game offers much more than action. The user gets to become Batman mentally, understanding the life and emotions of Bruce. The users will get involved in the storytelling with an intricate play of feelings and understanding the role of saving the city. The player will be able to comprehend how it feels for Bruce to be Batman. It can also be chosen if you want the character to face the situation as Bruce or as Batman. The scenario will also be entirely different and may only bear a proximity to the comics.

Play of Emotions with Bruce Wayne

With Telltale Games, you fear of making a move as the consequences of a wrong action usually ends in deep trouble. But being Batman, the coolest detective, Telltale wouldn’t be able to play on its usual emotional side this Dark Knight wouldn’t be swayed much. That made the creators shift to concentrate on Bruce Wayne. In the first episode, he significantly plays the role of the hero.

Episode One: Realm of Shadows


Harvey Dent is out in campaigns to hold his position as a mayor while Bruce is his support. Gotham City is getting ready for a primary change to put out the criminals and city officials backed by the criminals. The people of Gotham believe in Bruce and hold him in high regards. Bruce aka Batman has to make some crucial choices in the first episode. These are all rational decisions, and the decision that the player makes will decide the changes in gameplay. These are not do-or-die situations, but will have to make choices depending on the trust that the people of Gotham City have placed on Bruce.

Most of the cases revolve around the criminal head Carmine Falcon. At a point in the game, Bruce will have to choose between joining hands with Carmine to increase the support for Harvey’s campaign or turn down the offer knowing that these tarnished hands initiate all crimes in the city.

Make the Right Choice

Telltale has played its usual trick of setting up a dramatic situation in front of the player making it difficult to make the choice. There is a weird fear created in the minds of people which makes them take a second look at the situation. The internet is already overflowing with messages that say “ Batman screws up”. With the decision made, lies the further game as the first episode is set when Batman is at stage zero of his life as the superhero. Batman is one the best detectives ever and this has been made use optimally in the gameplay to solve mysteries and puzzles.

First Scene

The scene opens in an attempt to a robbery in the Gotham City Hall targeted at the mayor’s office. Bruce Wayne is talking to Alfred, and the next scene shows Batman launching right into the thieves through a window. It gives the thrill of combat by still clutching to the QTE gameplay. Quick and precise moves are very essential, and you will have to stay on your toes to make the right move. The gameplay is rather quick, and you have to remain vigilant at all times to release the right button.

Detective Mode

The detective mode brings out your ability to solve puzzles. An example is a scenario of attack in a warehouse where Batman reaches there and tries to pick out detail. These pieces of pieces will have to put together and interlinked to come to a conclusion. The first episode is about 2 hours. It also allows you to make decisions on how the enemy can be fought giving you the best control over the game.

Final Note:

Even though there are enough fights, stunts and puzzles, the base of any Telltale game is the story telling and its great conversations. The bottom line is that with this new version of the Batman game, you get to choose how this flying superhero works it out. You decide if your Batman will be good or bad, brutal or lenient. The character of Bruce is what exactly you get to control rather than the Batman sections.
The twists and turns in the game are rather interesting and by the end of the game, you will be caught up with a screaming element of suspense. We would recommend you to play the game without taking a look at the gameplay storyline to get involved in the character and explore it.

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