Battlefield 4 players will be happy to hear that the China Rising map and vehicle pack is now available for free. The DLC was released in December 2013 and added a range of new content to the game; the pack added 4 new maps, 5 weapons, 2 gadgets and 2 new vehicles. It also contains 10 new Assignments and 5 bonus Achievements to complete.

The biggest addition in this DLC pack however is the Air Superiority gamemode which has been featured in various other Battlefield games; the objective of the mode is to capture the flags using aircraft and need to remain in the area long enough to claim a flag. Enemy players can reduce or prevent a capture by being within range also.

This DLC is only available for free download this week and the deal will expire August 9th; during this week, Battlefield 4 will also feature a community missions that will reward all participants with a unique gold backpack.

All platforms with Battlefield 4 have access to this free DLC pack through the Origin or Console stores.

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