If you ever thought that the Bermuda Triangle stories couldn’t get any more terrifying, you are wrong. Everyone around the globe has been shocked after a new island near the so-called Devil’s Triangle appeared.

Local people named it Shelly Island because of the colossal amounts of shells around its shores. In any case, specialists have said that the island is perilous and have cautioned guests off investigating it.

The island has attracted many people due to the fact that it can be used for events such as watersports which are famous on Cape Point and The Outer Bank. However, getting to the Shoal is not an easy task.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, a powerful stream basically isolates the territory from the sandbank. Moreover, there is a high concern of fishing hooks lying around after excessive fishing over the past few years, according to Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association. He included that five-foot sharks and colossal stingrays have been seen swimming in the waters around Shelly Island.

The fate of the island is not clear. The sandbank could proceed to develop and shape some portion of Cape Point, or it could vanish as fast as it showed up.

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