Bethesda confirmed at their QuakeCon 2016 Welcome that the Bethesda Sale would be still be happening; the sale is taking place across a wide range of digital and some retail stores. Each store seems to be selling the games at the same price which means there’s no need to shop around and fans can purchase games from their preferred store.

There is a 50 percent discount off many new and popular games from Bethesda including Fallout 4, Doom and also The Elder Scrolls Online. Other popular games also have the 50 percent discount such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wolfenstein: The New Order and also Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Other Bethesda games such as Dishonored, The Evil Within, The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout games are also included in the sale with a 40 percent discount.

The only two games available with a retail discount are Fallout 4 and Doom which can be purchased through shops such as Gamestop or digital retailers such as Amazon.

Bethesda also confirmed that purchasing their products through a QuakeCon link on Amazon will donate 5 percent of the purchase to various charities.

Players will be able to purchase Bethesda games for the rest of the week, the sale event is due to end August 8th.