Players of Korean MMORPG Black Desert Online are not too pleased with the latest addition to the game: a market where items purchased with real money can be sold for in-game money.

Because of the way PvP works in Black Desert Online (BDO) this could in theory be used to buy yourself to the top.
To express their dissatisfaction with the game update to game developer Daum, players went to the in-game streets to protest with banners with a “pay-2-win” logo.
Many large guilds with their own guild logo, which is displayed in many places in the game, turned the guild sign into an anti-pay-2-win logo.

Players can buy premium items with cold cash and later sell those items to other players. In return they receive in-game currency. Including the possibility of buying items with
in-game currency that were previously were behind a paywall with real money seems like a nice addition, but it basically means that players who have stacks of money can indirectly
buy in-game money. Because BDO has no limit on how much you can upgrade your gear, players who deposit enough money literally win a 1 vs 50 battle.

Active forum members on the website of Black Desert Online plead for adapting the gear normalization and pvp progression system of World of Warcraft to make as much players as
possible happy. Game Developer Daum has not yet responded.

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