Since the last couple of months we have been coming across various rumors surrounding the sequel of Rockstar’s controversial open world game, Bully. There were even reports that Rockstar will reveal Bully 2 at E3 2017 but that didn’t happen.

However, some new evidence about the existence of the game has come out which gives us a glimmer of hope. A Twitter account named as Bully2Info has divulged several concept arts of the game. Most of them are still in rough form and are about different localities and characters of the game.

Image: Rockstar Games

If the neighborhoods seen in the concept art images happen to be from the game, one thing is certain that the game will be huge. The characters on the other hand are also seems interesting because we can see a nerd, a hunter, a tennis athlete, an old lady, old mailman, Goth girl and lot more.

Although we want these images to be legit, we would suggest you all to take them with a grain of salt unless there is any solid evidence. We’ll have to have to wait and see how Rockstar responds now.

Image: Digital Spy

Here is a link to the Twitter account where you can have a look at all the images.

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