Call of Duty: WWII is going back to the franchise’s roots in more ways than one. Not only does it promises to offer a unique boots on the grounds experience, but it’s also leaving no stone unturned to make players have a authentic experience.

To achieve this, the developers are completely doing away with the auto-health regeneration system. That’s right, don’t expect to get shot in WWII just so your health can bounce back to normal within a few seconds.

Speaking with Polygon, Sledgehammer Games animation director Christ Stone confirmed the same:

You have to worry about every bullet,” Schofield said. “You’re not the superhero. You can’t just stand there taking seven bullets, ducking, shooting again. It’s refreshing for us to deal with recruits who aren’t tier-one warriors, to show that vulnerability. They’re naive. It’s been a really cool challenge creating this different kind of gameplay.

The decision was taken to make players feel more vulnerable and give them an authentic World War II experience. A lot of Call of Duty players didn’t like the auto health regen system and would find this change, a welcome one.

However, it’s not clear what kind of health regeneration the game will offer as an alternative, but our money is on medi packs.

Speaking to Gamesradar, Sledgehammer Games also confirmed squad mates will play a crucial role in the game. It also revealed the game won’t have any auto-ammo refill system

Codrey suggested how squad members will have different roles. For example, a medic can revive you in the Battlefield while a runner can provide you with ammunition. He also said it was possible for squad mates to be killed off, which will make the mission far more challenging.

Part of being this squad and working together was about helping each other out in a very different way than in previous games. This is [you] relying on your squad, and so that was a mechanic where you can rely on your squad members to help you, and in that case – when you’re low on ammo – your squad can share ammo. Certain members of your squad have certain attributes that can help you, and if you are in proximity to one of your squad members, and you need their help you can… it’s an active ability.

He went on to explain how exactly squad members getting killed will effect gameplay:

Yeah – there’s possibilities of important members of your squad dying…You can be separated from guys with key abilities that would change how you play – if you’re not with the ammo guy then you have less ability to replenish your ammo. The human loss of your squad is an important emotional impact,” says Condrey, “and there’ll be times that you’re separated and you may lose people that are emotionally important to you, so all of those things can happen, yeah.

All we can say is this year’s Call of Duty title is definitely looking promising to say the least.

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