England and Pakistan are both strong teams but in the end, there can be only one. Who it will be, is the question many are asking right now. Perhaps you have placed a wager with friends and need an expert opinion on this. If I had to take a bet on it, I will definitely bet than England would be victorious.

My first argument is that a much higher run rate is kept up by England. In longer test matches, this may be of less importance than, for example, a ODI game, but it still remains crucially important. Having a higher run rate immediately puts the opposing team under pressure to perform, which could cause them to make mistakes.

England has set the stage with a run rate of 3.45 of which Pakistan could only come up with 2.94. The difference may seem negligible at first, but if one would take it over the course of the entire match, it soon adds up.

At this stage however it is not entirely fair to say that England definitely has a great lead over Pakistan. This however makes for a very interesting game as the possibility is still very strong that we could be moving into the 5th day of the test where all three outcomes (a tie or victory for either teams) could still become a reality.

For tomorrow, predictions of a pitch breakup are also flying around. This in turn could lead to slower bowling, possibly favoring Pakistan’s batsman. With England having to cut back on fast-bowl innings, this will give Pakistan the opportunity to make a number of runs by just directing the ball away from the fielders. It also allows Pakistan the opportunity to hit some much needed boundary balls to even out the game. If this will indeed be the case remains to be seen however.

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