It’s official, the brutal dungeon-crawling RPG is finally coming to console. This game has become infamous with PC gamers for it’s difficulty, unique party management and graphics style; it was officially released  in January 2016 after spending some time in early access.

The games developer, Red Hook Studios, announced on the PlayStation blog that the game will be released for both the PlayStation 4 and Vita this September. It was confirmed that the game will cost $24.99 when it’s released for the PlayStation consoles; it will also feature a cross-buy and cross-save support system so that players can play the game on both consoles without needing to purchase it twice.

Darkest Dungeon has been highly anticipated for console release ever since it first debuted on the PC; the release of the new version will include 15 hero classes and over 40 town events to complete in addition to exploring the dark, enemy filled dungeons that make up the game.

There has been no word about an Xbox release for the game yet but PlayStation gamers can have a lot of content to look forwards to from Darkest Dungeons.

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