PlayStation 4 players have finally received the latest expansion for The Division; the expansion was released for the Xbox One and PC in June. The update brings several new areas and a range of new features to the game to both add more content and improve the existing content.

The biggest addition with this update is the new Underground area which expands the area and brings new Operations to the game; they take place in randomly generated levels which are filled with traps and different types of hazards. There are special Directives that allow players to customize their Underground experience for more interesting combat and better rewards, there is also an independent Underground Rank system.

There is also a new Incursion in Hell’s Kitchen called the Dragon’s Nest; to access this players need to be level 30 and must have completed the General Assembly mission. This new Incursion is balanced towards a full team of players.

Players have a wide range of new weapons and gear to collect and a range of new game-play features to discover; modifications have also been made to ensure players encounter a challenge and so that the game-play makes more sense.

The Underground expansion is now available for PlayStation 4 players and can be purchased for $15 or is included in the season pass.

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