The biggest Dota 2 annual championship has just begun and this year, The International is offering players its biggest prize pool ever seen.

The International is a player funded event where players purchase a Battle Pass for the year which provides them with a variety of special in-game rewards such as exclusive items; only 25% of the money generated from these sales go towards the competition but players have still raised a $20 million prize pool for this years tournament. Battle Pass sales earned over $80 million this year which is a huge increase from previous years.

Four of the competing 16 teams will be leaving the tournament with over $1 million each; the winners of the championship will win $8.3 million. Each competing team will be rewarded with a portion of the prize pool with 13th-16th place taking $100k.

Excited fans will be able to watch The International unfold over the week with the finals being scheduled for August 13th. The tournament can be watched live through Twitch and replays of each match are available on Twitch and through the official Dota 2 The International website.

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