June 18, 2018

Everything Sony showed at E3 2017

Everything Sony showed at E3 2017

Sony hosted their press conference at E3 2017 yesterday and it was a decent one. They didn’t announce a lot of new stuff but they managed to maintain the flow.

Here are the announcements made by Sony about their games which will release in an year or so:

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

The next Uncharted game starring Claudia Black was one of attractions of the Sony press conference. The game is full of action and is scheduled to release on August 22.

New expansion for Horizon: Zero Dawn

A new expansion called The Frozen Wilds in on the cards for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The expansion is expected to release later this year.

Days Gone

Days Gone has been in development since 2015 and Sony Bend is working on it.

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