After the Emirates planes had crashed landed at the Dubai International Airport, it burst into flames and filled the cabin with smoke. Its passengers reached for the oxygen masks. While all 300 people on board were able to evacuate safely – some seen grabbing their bags and possessions – one firefighter died in the rescue operation.

It’s been the first major accident for the Dubai airline. It occurred after an alleged aborted landing and witnesses reporting there may have been a problem with the landing gear. The plane was coming to Thiruvananthapuram in southern India.

Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan, the firefighter, died when he fought the flames.

Saif Al Suwaidi, director of General Civil Aviation Authority, said Hassan saved others’ lives at the cost of his own. Suwaidi said the country’s thoughts and prayers are with Hassan’s family.

A full statement by the General Civil Aviation Authority was released, saying the Boeing 777 flight had 282 passengers and 18 crew members. They were grateful God kept everybody on board safe. It said they were sad to hear of the firefighter’s death and that their thoughts were with the family during this difficult time.

According to Anthony Davis, an aviation expert, he feels the pilot made an error, which led to the disaster. He said while it was good everybody was able to get off, it should never have happened.

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