Some consider Game Of Thrones the best piece of fiction ever written and why not. Game Of Thrones TV show along with the books make up a combo that is second to none.
The entire Game Of Thrones universe is filled with prophecies, foreshadowing and symbolism. Everything is riddled which is a good explanation on why so many crazy fan theories exist. The universe is so big and diverse that there is room for every possibility.

Bran Stark is a major character in the books and now in the show. His green-seeing abilities separate him from every other character. It is quite evident that he has a huge role to play in the great war to come.

The Bran Stark that went north of the wall and the Bran Stark that came back from the north of the wall are two very different people. Ever since his return to his home Winterfell, he has been behaving very weirdly. Everyone anticipated a warm reunion between the Stark siblings but that didn’t exactly happen. Sansa offered him the position to assume leadership of The North since he the only living true born son of Ned Stark. His response was like this:
“I can never be Lord of Winterfell. I can never be Lord of anything. I’m the Three-Eyed Raven,” he told his sister in the Godswood. “It’s difficult to explain…It means I can see everything, everything that’s ever happened to everyone. Everything that’s happening right now. It’s all pieces now, fragments. I need to learn to see better. When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready.”

Bran shows zero emotion to any of his sisters and even to Meera who saved his life countless times. Now, there has to be an explanation for all of this right? A Youtuber “Game Of Theories” suggests that there is way more to Bran’s story that we ever imagined. According to him Bran Stark is none other than the Night King himself. It is very difficult to imagine let alone believe. But this Youtuber makes a compelling case that answers a lot of questions.

His speculation which sounds more like belief suggests that Bran Stark has lived both physically and mentally over different periods of time. According to the theory, the now Bran Stark uses his green-seeing capabilities goes back in time to alter the history in order to wipe out the white walkers but fails in every attempt. According to the theory Bran Stark is the reason Aerys Targaryan II goes mad. Bran goes back in time to warn him about the White Walkers and tells him to burn them all but instead drives him crazy.

The Mad King is among many others that Bran Stark tries to manipulate into wiping out the threat beyond the wall. But he fails at every try and eventually he goes back in time to the exact moment the children created The Night King. Bran wargs into the mans body and underestimates the magic of the children who wont recognize him since they haven’t met him yet and no to mention the ongoing war between the first men and the children. The children will push the blade into the man while Bran remains trapped inside him.

The theory suggests that we have already witnessed it when the Three Eyed Raven taken Bran to see the creation of the first white walker or the Night’s King himself. As the man is about to get pierced with the dragonglass blade, Bran clenches his hand in the scene as if he was the one getting stabbed. Not only that, the position in which the man ends up is the same as Bran as shown the picture above.

All of this will to a series of events where Jon Snow will have to kill Bran in order to save Westeros

This theory may still sound like a long shot for the fans but it is possible. What do you think?

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