This guy is an absolute savage. It all started when a girl broke up with her boyfriend and was looking for some fun. He grabbed the chance and started talking to her.

They went back and forth a bit, nothing too interesting. Finally, he found out that she was really into military guys, and he took the opportunity to brag about his prestige rank in Call of Duty.

Of course girls love military guys. It demonstrates admirable male traits and shows you can protect the family if it ever hits the fan.

Somehow, she didn’t know that he was talking about a video game, and she asked him if that was a good rank, as soon as he confirmed, she started sending nudes.

Here’s the story in the guy’s own words, then we’ll take a look at the messages:

“Things with this girl had been back and forth but she had a boyfriend, whom I also knew, at the time. They broke up after he cheated on her again. I played the friend roll for awhile but I could tell she liked me. She was always flirting on text. She liked all of my Instagram pictures when I posted them. So after the breakup I was there for her. We talked for days and then finally I got her to send me some pictures. I feel like she thinks I lied to her and now has not messaged me in days. I think I might have really blew my chance with her because of what I told her. I decided to share this on Reddit since I obviously did something wrong. Should I try calling her again?”

The answer is obviously no. You ruined your chances with her for good. At least the rest of us on the internet were given the chance to enjoy this moment of savagery.

Oh no. Not another fuckboi.

It’s happening.

Getting closer.

So close, but so far…

…and he lost it. Those last messages are painful.

You shouldn’t mess with a Prestige 11 on CoD, she probabally realized she couldn’t handle that much man. After this, he may reconsider his pick-up lines if he wants to succeed next time.

Credit: dudecomedy

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