Accidental texts are the new wrong number phone calls. There’s two types of people in this world. Those who inform the caller (or texted) they’ve got the wrong number, and those who decide to have some fun with it. This bearded gentleman falls into the latter, although he also certainly tried again and again to inform her.

Somebody thought they were texting a former co-worker named Wendy, and for MONTHS they were sending texts to this guy, who would respond in a variety of ways, and he’d always attach a selfie, but the person sending the texts didn’t seem to notice. They probabally had data turned off or an older phone that can’t handle photos, otherwise it’s hard to imagine how this kept happening. Either way, it did.

Check out this series of texts: 

Whoever Wendy is, let’s hope she hasn’t been waiting to hear from her old friend. Even after the friend realizes she’s texted the wrong number, she just seems to keep doing it. Somehow, she doesn’t notice the previous messages to the same number. How does this happen at all, let alone for months and months? The beaded guy was a good sport about it, it also gives him a chance to measure the growth of his facial hair over the course of however many months. No word on whether or not this is still happening, but it’s hard to imagine that it isn’t.

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