Gordon Ramsay, arguably the most famous cook in the world, has gone one step ahead and broken an incredible Guinness World Record.

He has set a new world record on his new US TV show “The F Word”. The new record set by him is for the world record for filleting a fish in the quickest time.

Ramsay absolutely destroyed the previous record and managed to fillet a piece of halibut in just one minute and five seconds.

He had gone head-to-head with Jenna Fabich, a 19 year old, who is known for her lightening quick fish filleting skills.

Ramsay had this to say after creating the new world record:

I had no idea I was going so fast, because I was just doing it normally.

Ramsay had previously made an attempt to set a new world record for slicing up a Salmon a few years ago on his UK TV show. He had failed. Redemption came his way finally.

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