The couple who were filmed ‘having intercourse” during a Ryanair flight to Ibiza has been trying to get out of the sticky situation.

Now, the friends of the woman, 39, has come up with a hilariously bad excuse to justify the random couple’s actions on the flight.

They say the woman was egged on by the man’s friends as he was feeling “sad to leave his pregnant fiancee” at home. Speaking to The Sun, a friend said the following:

It shows how the internet can almost wreck your life for a four-minute drunken laugh.

His mates egged her on to tease him because he didn’t want to leave his girl. The story had to be set straight. It’s crazy.

It’s unfortunate that a little bit of drunken fun has spiraled into something so many people are taking seriously. We hope everyone involved can leave this behind and move on with their respective lives.

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