There’s something to be said about blowing stuff up, but sometimes what seems like a safe distance isn’t a safe distance at all. Don’t try this at home, or at the lake, or anywhere really.

This seems far enough that you’d expect to be safe if this was you, right? Wrong.

The guy shooting was hiding behind a fridge, and his buddies weren’t too far behind, and frankly they’re lucky to be alive. His reflexes weren’t fast enough to save his life, the only thing that kept this guy alive is pure luck, despite his best efforts.

They loaded up this fridge with Tannerite, a brand of explosive materials used for shooting practice or for being an idiot on Youtube. It’s one thing to have explosives training and to really know what you’re doing, but even though this guy thought he was being safe by being far enough away and hiding behind a tree, he was being anything but safe. Check out the video and imagine having your life flash before your eyes like this.

Some people have argued that this guy did everything right by being far enough away, and behind a tree, and that this was just an extremely unlucky freak situation. We’ll leave that up to you to decide, would you take this shot if you had the opportunity?

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