The “Blanda blank” bowl from Ikea looks like just a regular bowl by all accounts, and costs about $5. It’s round, big enough to hold snacks for a few people, shiny and metal, and also a death trap.

It looks very unassuming, and the name is almost “bland blank”, so you’d buy it just expecting a totally normal, plain bowl… but you’d be getting a lot more than you bargained for.


If you take this bowl out into the sun on a hot day, it basically turns into a fire pit. You know that psychotic kid on your block who would burn insects with a magnifying glass? This bowl is a similar idea. The reflective nature of it, mixed with having just the right shape, harnesses the power of the sun to burn your food and start a fire.

One guy filled the bowl with grapes, and all of a sudden he started smelling smoke as the twigs from his grapes caught fire.

“There was one intense point where [the sun] hit the twigs,” said Richard Walter, the man whose bowl started a fire. “That’s where it started.”

To prove the theory, he took a newspaper and used the bowl to set it on fire. Ikea says they are investigating.

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