DJ Khaled has been catching some heat for his subpar performances of late, but his performance at a festival in Las Vegas was a disaster on another level. After the sound cut out repeatedly, fans booed DJ Khaled off the stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival only 20 minutes into his set.

What went wrong, you ask?

DJ Khaled claims sabotage.

Credit: FACT Magazine

That’s right. Sabotage.

In a set of two Instagram posts from earlier today, DJ Khaled tried to explain that the festival purposefully messed up his performance. The sound crew allegedly had Khaled backstage for an hour and a half while they tried to fix the sound, but by the scheduled time of the performance, they were still having issues. DJ Khaled went out anyways.

The performance lasted less than 20 minutes before repeated sound cuts upset the crowd enough to boo the producer off stage.

Khaled also tried to ameliorate the situation by playing 2Pac’s classic party anthem, California Love. “They want to cut my shit- but this is California,” Khaled shouted, trying to get the crowd back on his side. Needless to say, it didn’t work- probably because the Electric Daisy Carnival is in Las Vegas, a city that is definitely not in California.

“How was I supposed to know Las Vegas is in Nevada?”
Credit: NYMag

DJ Khaled’s next album, Grateful, drops on the 23rd of June.

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