There’s a new reaction available on Facebook to go along with the classic thumbs up, the heart, the surprised face, and all the rest of them. It’s a little rainbow colored circle, and it’s there to celebrate Pride Month.

It appears that it’s currently rolling out across Facebook, so not everyone will have it yet. You should be able to see it showing up when other people use it, but it may take a moment until you can actually use the reaction yourself.

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Along with the Rainbow Flag reaction, there are a few other features that Facebook has added in order to show their support for Pride. There are some new stickers and effects for the camera in Facebook, such as a rainbow megaphone, a man dancing, rainbow sunglasses, and the word “QUEER”.

There’s also a large rainbow filter that you can super-impose on top of your photos and videos taken from within Facebook.

There’s also a photo frame for your profile picture that puts a semi-transparent rainbow over top.

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