The whole of UK is grief stricken after Grenfell Tower disaster took place in the wee hours of last Wednesday. The tragedy has already taken lives of at least 79 people and damaged a lot of properties.

One chilling revelation about the Grenfell Tower disaster has left us shocked. The disaster was actually predicted by the BBC television series called House of Cards almost 24 years ago.

Image: BBC

In the second episode of the original series, called To Play The King, a gas explosion which resulted in fire was shown in a tower block in Newham. It was also shown that 72 residents of the tower was killed during the disaster.

The episode was aired back in 1993 and a Vimeo user known by the name Al-Jazz has stitched together some clips from the it and it does have some chilling similarities with the real disaster.

The episode also had a scene which resembles with the real life criticism received by Prime Minister Theresa May for meeting the emergency services before the victims and survivors.

Image: The Telegraph

Al- Jazz uploaded the video with the following caption:

I have absolutely zero intent to offend the victims, their families or the survivors of this dreadful and shocking event, nor to trivialise the nature of this disaster in comparing real world events to fictional television shows, and I wholly apologise if that is how this is judged.

Neither do I wish to make a further comment on either the real event or opinions voiced in the fictional dialogue.

What I will say though is that Urquhart’s reaction in the BBC interview is chilling, and I hope not at all prescient.

Beyond that, I am simply struck by how a 25-year old show can so closely resemble today’s reality, with seemingly so few of the issues having been addressed in the interim.

Here’s the video:

I am just shocked about the resemblance of both the real and fictional incidents.

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