There’s a study published in The American Journal of Medicine by a team of Israeli researchers that suggests that this one little thing on your ear can be a huge warning sign for a heart attack or a stroke.

It’s called “Frank’s Sign”, and it shows up as diagonal creases on the earlobe, like this:

This study looked at people who had suffered major strokes, and 78 out of 88 of them had these creases on their earlobes, which could be caused by a reduce in the blood supply, and point to clogging of the arteries.

Furthermore, 73% of patients that suffered a smaller stroke also had these signs. Other studies have linked the creases to heart attacks.

This is around the time that everyone reading this is going to start rubbing their ear lobes and running to the mirror. If you do have this earlobe crease, it’s not a terrible idea to see a doctor, or at least examine if there are certain aspects of your lifestyle that could be putting your heart health at risk, like a poor diet or lack of exercise.

Not every doctor is in agreement, however. In an interview with Daily Mail, the clinical director for stroke medicine at the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board said:

“The so-called Frank’s sign in the ear lobes has been recognised as having a possible association with advanced age, but some studies have shown its association with cardiovascular risk factors. This new study suggests an association with increased risk of stroke, but further studies are needed to assess its importance.” – Dr Yaqoob Bhat

So whether it’s a sign of aging, a sign of heart disease, or maybe both – it’s never a bad idea to take a minute to make sure you’re on the right path when it comes to your overall health.

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