A photo showing a  Muslim woman stepping up to help a pensioner after she had fallen has taken the internet by storm.

The image posted on social media with the caption : “This is the real Islam” has caught the attention of many and has since gone viral.

The muslim woman is wearing a niqab, that covers her head and face, but was seen holding hands with the old woman in the image. The old woman fell on a bus while travelling in east London and as she was waiting for an ambulance, the muslim woman sat by her side holding her hand.

It has seen got thousands of likes and have been very well received.




Hamza Young Boss, who was a witness to the whole event decided to make a Facebook post about the incident which has since gone viral:

Hamza wrote: “An 84-year-old lady just got her head stuck between the door and metal pole on EL1 bus from Ilford to Barking. The Muslim lady holding her hand supported her for 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived. This is the real Islam.”

It has received some really positive feedback from commenters:

This is a really heartwarming thing to watch and we wish the old woman a speedy recovery.


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