Even though a leopard cannot hide its spots, that does not mean their fur can’t conceal them. Thankfully, there is an easy camera hack that allows everyone to see their spots.

While studying the leopard population on the Malay Peninsula, Gopalasamy Reuben Clements and his colleagues from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, came up with a technique that allowed them to examine the black-furred creatures.

By using hidden cameras equipped with infrared lighting, the team was able to discover that the black jungle cats were sporting their signature spots beneath their dark-shaded coats.

Infrared Camera Reveals Black Panther’s Hidden Spots

Image: Live Science

According to new research, this new trick has allowed conservationists to identify individual animals based on camera traps quickly. On top of that, this will enable conservationists to create an effective way in preventing widespread poaching.

“Understanding how leopards are faring in an increasingly human-dominated world is vital,” a zoology graduate at the University of Nottingham in England and lead author Laurie Hedges, said in a recent statement. “This new approach gives us a novel tool to help save this unique and endangered animal.”