Jet2 becomes the first budget airline in Europe to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol in flights before 8 a.m. the bold move comes in the wake of an in-flight brawl when a boozy passenger Joshua Strickland got into an ugly spat with a family after consuming alcohol on a flight En-route to Cyprus.

The ban will come into effect from 8th of August and has made Jet2 the first Europe based budget airline to take the hard line initiative of in-flight alcohol crackdown. The airline also hopes and wants the other airlines to follow the initiative as it will help in tackling the abusive and disruptive behavior of the drunk and aggressive passengers.

The crackdown is also a part of the company’s “Onboard Together” campaign which has been in action for quite some time now in order to ensure secure and safe travel and to avoid the risk of aggressive behavior by the passengers. Since its launch in 2015, the company has refused 500 passengers or more from boarding their flights including 50 of them facing the lifetime travel ban.

The company has already written to the transport ministry and has sought engagement from the government and the MPs on this issue.

The call to ban the booze before 8 a.m. comes as a big disappointment for passengers who like to kick start their journey with a drink or those who like to take a few shots before the breakfast.

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