Everyone loves celebrating their birthdays; it’s one of the days in the 364 others in a calendar year when everyone makes you feel special. And the best part about the birthdays are the gifts that make it more and more special. These gifts are taking another leap this year earlier for Kylie Jenner. Truly is a happy early birthday.

The star has been gifted the all new Mercedes-Maybach S600 Luxury Car from her boyfriend, 26 Year old rapper Tyga. We must not forget that last year at her birthday the rap star gifted her white Ferrari. But this time of the year couple of days earlier Tyga has given another try to make the gift even more special. Kylie is totally obsessed.

This all happened in a snapchat video uploaded on the Kylie’s profile where her boyfriend is taking her out to the parking and there’s an all new car lavishly parked with a giant red bow wrapped around it. In the video we can hear Tyga singing the “Happy Birthday” song to her love and she is clearly and loudly saying “Stop T!” which is his nickname. The build of the model and the way it looks, the vehicle is suggested to be priced around $190,000. Later in the videos she’s found to be checking out the car and this can be listed down with others she already drives, like a Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. With his tremendous yearly streak of gifting cars we all have our eyes on the next year and find out what Tyga is going to do.

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