The latest League of Legends 6.15 patch has changed the game quite a bit and brings an extensive list of changes to the game; Developer Riot Games has brought a host of new changes to the different elements in the game.

Many of the playable Champions in League of have received buffs or nerfs; Vladimir has finally been toned down slightly to reduce his base move speed, and his powerful Sanguine Pool (W) ability has seen a cool-down time increase. The Sanguine Pool ability now has +2 seconds on his cool-down for every rank.

Vladimir is not the only Champion in the game to receive major changes, here are the others:

• Braum – Passive damage has been lowered for early levels and Q ability damage was reduced
• Corki – Passive cool-down lowered for Hextech Munitition ability
• Hecarim – Base attack and Q ability damage both reduced
• Illaoi – Tentacles are now visible in the brush for enemies with close enough vision radius
• Jarvan IV – Increased attack speed for the E ability
• Karma – E ability no longer shields minions, movement speed now scales with rank and shields less damage
• Kassadin – Q ability has increased damage and E ability costs less mana
• Malzahar – Passive shield breaks quicker and passive cool-down time increased
• Nidalee – Q ability has increased damage for both forms and R abilities no longer reset basic attacks
• Renekton – Increased damage per second during early game and gains fury on R ability cast
• Shen – Reduced heath regeneration
• Shyvana – R ability generates more fury
• Sona – W ability heals less and E ability self-movement speed boost is reduced
• Taliyah – Increased cooldown time for R ability
• Vayne – Q ability now deals damage to turrets and inhibitors
• Viktor – R ability adjusted so he only gains a speed boost when using the ability on himself
• Zac – Bug fix for E ability
• Zyra – Increased damage and ration for Q ability

This means that the best Champions in the game have seen some potentially massive changes with this LoL update; the current League of Legends season has shown that Braum and Karma were the favorite supports and their nerfs have significantly reduced their power. In addition to this, Kassidin has gained a large buff that’s causing more players to select him.

Early Game Changes

The League of Legends 6.15 patch was much more than just adjusting Champions, however; it’s changed the entire early game. While several Champions are now weaker during the early game, Vayne seems to have received a nice buff that matches the additional changes made in this patch.

Significant changes have been made to the first five minutes of the game; there is now a First Blood for Turrets. The first turret to be destroyed will provide a total of 400 gold to that team, and there’s even a chat call out to show which team reached this new objective first. To go along with this, the Turret buff has been decreased to 5 minutes however they are harder to destroy.

Vayne is expected to be much more useful in the early game with this change; his Q ability will be invaluable during the first few minutes of a match.

Additionally to this, Cannon Minions have been adjusted slightly; they spawn in a rotating order for each team in accordance to the wave. Match length also impacts the waves significantly with games over 35 minutes spawning cannon minions in every lane for each eave.

This has severe implications for the early game and especially places a tremendous amount of pressure on players in the bot lane.

It will be interesting to see how the new changes in the latest LoL update impact game-play across all skill levels of play; this could be potentially game changing at higher skill tiers of play.


Three new cosmetics are now available with the League of Legends 6.15 patch; some of them completely change the Champions visual looks with new particles, voices, and even new animations. These are solid additions to the beautiful PROJECT cosmetic line.

Here are the prices for the new skins:

PROJECT: Ashe – 1820 RP Legendary
PROJECT: Ekko – 1350 RP Epic
PROJECT: Katarina – 1350 RP Epic

In addition to the character skins, there are now PROJECT-themed ward skins in the game and the PROJECT minions are back; these minions will spawn when a particular number of character skins are used in one game.

What Else?

The rest of the new additions in the LoL update are not nearly as exciting. However, Lord Van Damm’s Pillager has returned to Twisted Treeline. It costs 3300 points overall and provides a nice boost to the team that obtains it.

Some slight changes have been made to the Ardent Censer and Mikael’s Crucible items plus players can look forwards to seeing an improved mini-map, queue times for the position selected and also the return of full-team ranked games.

Naturally, there are a range of bug fixes with this patch also to address some annoying issues and ensure the game play is smooth.


The biggest changes seen in the 6.15 patch have clearly been to the early game; players can expect to see more frantic fighting in the early game with the addition of First Blood for turrets while other Champions may become more useful in these situations.

Some of the current favorite Champions have received some nerfs so it’s possible they will be played less in the coming weeks; it will be interesting to see how competitive teams adjust their lineups to deal with these new Champion changes.

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship is scheduled to begin at the end of September so competitive teams will need to quickly adjust their strategy and Champion line-ups to deal with the huge changes made in this patch.

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