June 18, 2018

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Player stats are mind-boggling

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Player stats are mind-boggling

Horizon Zero Dawn has sold more than 3.4 million copies since it’s launch back in February.

After almost 4 months, the game’s developer, Guerilla Games has unveiled some player stats of the game via e-mail.

Here are the numbers and they look astonishing:

  • More than 545,000,000 watchers have been destroyed by Alloy.
  • Aloy has slain more than 1,285,000,000 bandits.
  • Aloy herself has died over 185,000,000 times.
  • Over 285,000,000 fire arrows have been crafted.
  • The Corrupted Sawtooth had only 1,125,000 deaths meaning that it is the toughest non boss robot in the game.
  • Surprising one player has picked more than 12000 rocks in the game. Can anyone explain me why?

Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusively available for PlayStation.

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