June 18, 2018

Can Leicester City Win The English Premier League?

Can Leicester City Win The English Premier League?

The English Premier League is easily the most exciting and unpredictable football league in the world. With the new TV money deals it is now becoming the richest and most competitive league in football.

England might not have the best teams in Europe at the moment and have fallen behind the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich in recent years. That has not stopped the popularity of the premier league though as it goes from strength to strength.

This year has been fascinating with many teams performing well against the odds. Currently West Ham United lie in 5th place with Stoke City and Crystal palace both in the top 8.

The surprise success story of the season has been the amazing run of Leicester City managed by Claudio Ranieri.

Last season Leicester were all but dead and buried by March with no one giving them a chance to survive.

What followed was a run of 7 wins 1 draw and 1 loss in the remaining 9 games of the season with the only loss coming against eventual Champions Chelsea. Leicester finished the 2014/15 season as the in form side and amazingly came back from the dead to survive.

The new season arrived and despite Nigel Pearson keeping Leicester up he moved on and in came the experienced Italian Coach Ranieri.

Many still predicted Leicester as relegation fodder but they have kept there form going and unbelievably we are passed the half way point of the season and Leicester City are joint top with Arsenal.

This season has been like a fairy tale for Leicester and there fans as they have seen striker Jamie Vardy beat Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record for scoring in consecutive Premier League games. Vardy who was playing non- league football less than 5 years ago has now also been capped for England and has epitomised Leicester’s spirit this season.

Since the Premier League started in 1992 only 5 teams have won the league and mainly the big clubs with money. Even Blackburn Rovers who won the league in 1994/95 were heavily invested in.

If Leicester can somehow maintain there form until the end of the season and win the title it will be one of the greatest achievements in football history.

Do Leicester have a chance of winning the league? Whatever happens they should at least secure a champions league place.

What a season they are having!!

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