June 18, 2018

London Stabbings kills one and injures five

London Stabbings kills one and injures five

In a tragic incident in central London, one woman was killed and five people were injured following a knife attack

Last Wednesday, Scotland Yard police received a call reporting a man stabbing people with a knife in Russell square.

As a result of the stabbings, three men and two women were injured, while one woman aged over 60 succumbed to the attacks, as per official sources.
The attacks were carried out by a boy aged 19 years, who had a significant mental health condition that led him to carry out the attacks, before getting arrested after the discharge of a Taser by an officer.

However, the Scotland Yard police said that the deployment of police on the streets will be increased and citizens could feel safe from such attacks.
Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London addressed the public and asked them to remain vigilant on the streets, while he also expressed his regret to the victims of the attack.
A resident in the vicinity of Russell Square, Paul O’Geibheannaig, spoke to the media and said that he had seen the body of an elderly woman surrounded by police.
He said that he had not seen any police in the vicinity ever since the terror attack on London transport system on 7th July 2005.
Mark Rowley, who is the Assistant Commissioner for specialist operations, said that the homicide command is looking into the attacks and they are working closely with the counter-terrorism unit.

In the break of recent terror attacks in Europe and Middle East, the United Kingdom attacks have definitely left people shocked.
Rowley also added that they are still investigating if the attacker had terrorism motive or it was a mental condition that led him to the attack. They are exploring all possibilities into this attack, but are still not sure about the motive of attack.

The condition of the five injured are also unknown. However, we express our solidarity with the victims and their families and deeply regret the attack.

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