The next Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: WWII will take back the players to World War II once again. The game will have a new single player campaign along with the iconic multiplayer version.

There will be a couple of minor changes in the classic Call of Duty campaign mode, but the most noteworthy change is regarding the regeneration of health. The players will have to completely rely on health packs and team support in order to heal in the game.

Image: Call of Duty

In previous Call of Duty games, if the players were shot, they could duck and recover. Unless there was a lethal shot, the players didn’t need to worry about the regeneration much.

However, things are not similar in Call of Duty: WWII as each and every shot can cause problems for the players. Each and every damage will add up and make the player vulnerable. The health packs are also not abundantly available in the game. This means that the players will need to play more cautiously even during low difficulty.

One positive is that the players progresses with several AI squadmates which have different skills and one of the squadmate is a specialist in handing out health packs. However, it not certain that the particular squadmate will be always present or not.

Sometimes even the medic can go down during fights and needs to be revived. If you fail to revive him you will need to play without medical support for longer amount of time.

Image: Call of Duty

This new change in the heath system for the story campaign will definitely trouble a lot of players. We will have to wait and watch when the game releases in November 2017.

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