June 18, 2018

Man Finds Secret Forgotten Safe Behind Plug Socket In His House

Man Finds Secret Forgotten Safe Behind Plug Socket In His House

As a kid I have read a lot of stories about people who found hidden treasures. Since then I have always dreamed about coming across such treasures.

Well, I haven’t been successful in finding such treasure chests or safes till date, but one lucky guy stumbled across one.

Euan Wright from Stirling came across an electric plug socket while decorating his house. He initially assumed it to be a normal plug socket until he realized that it didn’t work for six weeks. Later he went on find out that the socket was fake and was a disguising safe.

Image: Euan Wright

Euan got excited as it was pretty easy to open.

He said, “I just had to knock out a small metal plate with a screwdriver and that was that!”

But the findings in the safe didn’t please him at all.

“The lock-box contained a debit card from Abbey National that expired in 2006 and, hilariously, the receipt for the safe – we think.” he said.

Euan Wright

He however saw the funny side of things.

“Most people just get a lifetime of crippling debt when they buy a house but we got a funny story and some Reddit gold out of it too.”

Now it’s my turn to check all the sockets in my house.

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