June 18, 2018

Mia Khalifa attempts to troll Sports Player for sliding into her DMs and it massively backfires

Mia Khalifa attempts to troll Sports Player for sliding into her DMs and it massively backfires

For someone whose career is built upon adult movies, it’s quite natural to assume that they wouldn’t shy away from anything. Mia Khalifa is notorious for exposing famous celebs who have in the past tried to “slide” into her DMs.

This time the victim is none other than Willson Contreras who “strikes out” with Mia. Willson Contreras is a baseball player for the American team Chicago Cubs. On Tuesday, he was left red faced when Mia Khalifa posted two screenshots of him trying to direct message her on twitter.

The screenshots don’t paint Willson in a good light as he is seen messaging her without any replies.

Willson starts off with “Hi how are you?”, and gets no reply for it so he follows up with “I’m sure you get this a lot but I’m a big fan of you,”, and again he gets no reply so he adds “It will be great if you just say hi.”.

At this point he finally gets a single reply “Bye” from Mia. This should’ve been a clear indicator for him to stop messaging but no, Will didn’t give up and continued to send more messages.

It would appear that Willson didn’t exactly understood the fact that he had been rejected so Mia Khalifa posted the screenshot of the DMs on her twitter profile with the caption “Cubbies, your man’s is wandering around left field. Can you come get him?”

Mia’s cold as ice behaviour makes the athlete seem very desperate but in all fairness, he could’ve made a more respectable approach. Willson should have taken the hint from the “bye” instead of falling into an abyss of un-replied texts and not the mention the social media humiliation that followed.

It’s possible Willson was anticipating a similar end-product as this lucky fan. The story goes that he DM’d her which ended with him “getting laid”. It remained unconfirmed for a long time until Mia herself confirmed it by saying “I’ve only actually ever responded to one DM positively and that was very recently,” she said without identifying the lucky guy, “and now I’m kind of seeing him, I guess.”

So it’s very much possible that Willson Contreras had the same aim in his mind. But things didn’t exactly work out for him did they.

It’s not all bad news for Willson Contreras as numerous people on twitter have come for his aid.

Some portrayed Willson’s messages as a friendly gesture saying, “Since when is making new friends a bad thing?” while others spoke against Mia Khalifa claiming that she is doing it all for the attention. One tweet reads “@miakhalifa – “hmmm how can I respond to this so I’ll look really cool when I post the screenshots to all my followers?”

Since then Willson Contreras’ agency Deadspin, Octagon Baseball have released a statement saying Contreras’ twitter account was hacked and that he is not responsible for the matter.

That’s something no one is believing right now especially because of the huge time intervals between the texts which span months. Surely Willson’s account didn’t remained hacked for such a long period. So his agency didn’t exactly help him with this, instead they have made him look even more embarrassing.

As far as Mia goes, she has made it a habit of hers to humiliate and expose people who try to get into her DMs. Whether she is doing it for the attention or she’s just pure savage, that’s something that has the audience split.

She recently “trolled” NFL quarterback Chad Kelly following this year’s NFL draft. Mia had similar issues with Chad as he had also tried to “slide” into her DMs.

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