June 18, 2018

Mia Khalifa Gave Dunkirk a Review That Angered Many People

Mia Khalifa Gave Dunkirk a Review That Angered Many People

P0rnstar turned amateur movie critic Mia Khalifa released a YouTube video reviewing hit film “Dunkirk” yesterday, and the internet was not happy with what she had to say.

Check out the video review posted by Mia (and Jeff) here:

“Dunkirk,” released 4 days ago, was received with critical acclaim and earned itself overwhelmingly good reviews from both critics (93%) and audiences (83%). The film, which is based on the true WWII story of the Miracle of Dunkirk, was lauded for its excellent visual storytelling and stunning cinematography. However, Mia Khalifa seemed to think that the vast majority of critics and audiences were wrong to give the movie such high praise.

According to Mia, the movie had “no dialogue” and the movie’s color palette consisted of “three primary hues: blue, grey, and black.” In addition, the movie gave Mia so much grief that she went home, created a YouTube account, and filmed an unscripted video with acne cream on her face “just to get (her) sentiment across.”

Despite her angry tirade about the lack of dialogue, perceived “waste” of the 70mm format, and “confusing” homogeneity of scenes, characters, and accents, Mia still gave Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk a 7/10. She also says she would see it again.

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