For those who don’t know, Mia Khalifa is a big fan of NBA. Ever since she ended her career in porn, she’s been live streaming NBA 2K gameplays on Twitch. This obviously means that Mia has to have a favorite team, right?

In this case, it’s the Washington Wizards with her favorite player being the point guard John Wall.

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Mia Khalifa wants to see her favorite player thrive. Wall was unhappy with his rating on the upcoming NBA 2K game and went on Twitter to expressed his anger.

That extra exclamation mark certainly proves that John Wall is definitely not happy with the decision made. Rookie 2K is the Marketing Director of the game. As soon as he saw the tweet he replied and from there they had a small beef. Ronnie then ended it all with a rather “salty” GIF.


One way for Mia to help out Wall is to try and increase his overall rating on the upcoming NBA game, NBA 2K18. Unfortunately she can’t do that by herself so she decided to entice Ronnie Singh (Ronnie 2K) on Twitter.

At first, she asks Ronnie if he’s up, in which he replied positively.

“You know I always am” was the reply, and from that moment, everything went down.

Mia Khalifa thought it would be a good idea to propose a Horse game on Poker with the Marketing Director of NBA 2K.

Ronnie 2K had to respectfully decline the offer.

It turns out a Horse game is not enough for Ronnie to change the rating of Wall from 90 to 93. However, Mia is determined. She wants to see her favorite player of her favorite NBA team to be amongst the best of the best. So she decides to make another offer, this time a braver one.

“I’ll let you touch my tiddies” That’s right, we all know what she meant with “tiddies”. This is certainly a very tempting offer. Despite that, Ronnie 2K doesn’t seem to back off.

“The ratings more sacred”. With this tweet, Ronnie made us all understand, that for him, the upcoming game is more important than a pair of “tiddies”.

Mia Khalifa on the other hand persists.

We don’t know where she got the information from but we have to wait and see if it makes Ronnie 2K change his mind.

NBA 2K18 will reach the shelves on September 19, 2017 and it will be available for all consoles. And if nothing changes, Wall have to face his 90 rating.

The story itself is funny from the very beginning. We have seen Mia Khalifa participate in various incidents over the past few months. Recently, it has been circulating the web that the former pornstar may be dating Sodapoppin who is a rather big Twitch streamer. Looks like Mia Khalifa grabbed the chance immediately after she started streaming on Twitch.

Sodapoppin himself has over 1.5 million followers on Twitch and plays different kinds of games. Mia Khalifa on the other hand has made a name for herself on Twitch gathering around 227,000 followers. Apart from playing video games, she records herself doing different stuff in her everyday life such as cooking and going shopping.

In another incident, a Twitter user named Hudspeth claimed that Mia Khalifa punched him in the face when he tried to sneak a selfie with her.

However, no one can be entirely sure of what happened there because Mia never officially commented on the matter.

In spite that, ever since the tweet was posted, fans of the former adult actress defended her actions. People started posting selfies they had taken with the celebrity without having any issues trying to prove that Hudspeth made it all up.

Many believed that the reason Mia punched that guy was because he didn’t ask her in the first place. Mia Khalifa seems to be very close with her fans but no one likes being disrespected and being deprived of their privacy.

In one tweet, Mia replied to a selfie a fan had taken with her, thanking her for her politeness. The user has deleted the tweet but you can still have a look at Mia’s reply.

Taken that into consideration, we can speculate that if Hudspeth had asked for that selfie rather than jumping on her, he wouldn’t have been punched.

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