Mia Khalifa has been widely known in the adult industry but retired in 2015. Ever since her huge success in the porn world, she’s living the dream as a social media personality. That said, everyone would try to sneak in and take a picture with her. Unfortunately for this young man, things didn’t go as expected.

Hudspeth is 20 year old Texan who also serves in the U.S army. The media outlets have been going crazy after he claimed that he was punched in the face by the famous porn actress when he attempted to take a selfie with her.

Mia clearly wasn’t a fan of his actions. She has yet to make any official comments regarding the situation but fans from all over the globe are defending her.

Others uploaded selfies they had taken with her without having any issues, further adding some spice to the whole situation.

In fact, Mia Khalifa has also responded in some of them. Check them out below:


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