A baby was thrown from the 10th floor by a panicking mother after she saw group of people at the bottom.

She signaled for them to catch the toddler after she dropped him from the 10th floor.

In a event many are considering to be a miracle, a man actually managed to catch the baby after being dropped from the floor. The members of the public were relieved and in shock in equal measures.

An eye witness described the ordeal to Telegraph:

People were starting to appear at the windows, frantically banging and screaming. The windows were slightly ajar – a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby.

She also told how she saw a man catch the baby:

Somebody did, a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby.

The horrible inferno left the buildings completely razed and has already resulted in 12 fatalities. We pray for everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

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