Young NBA Superstar Kristaps Porzingis loves instagram. A 7’3″ odd-looking but handsome Latvian basketball player who plays for the Knicks, he’s making a splash in the association.

He’s also making a splash in the tabloid headlines, because he’s a shooter, and doesn’t hesitate to shoot DM’s and comments at famous instagram models such as Abigail Ratchford. He’s racked up articles such as Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis makes a move on model Abigail Ratchford on Instagram — gets results in outlets such as the NY daily news.

Abigail Ratchford

Shooters shoot.

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Recently he’s come under fire for commenting on a young Croatian instagram model’s photo.

Turns out she had a boyfriend and rejected him brutally with this post:

Then he found out she was only 18 years old

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