Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has just announced a new update for the game; update 2.05 is being released as part of the Shear Madness event and features a new map. Update 2.05 is also being called “Cataclysm”.

The new map is actually a variant of Orbital Drill where the map appears to have been affected by volcanic eruptions which have added ash and molten lava to the playing field. Once the game begins on this map, players will notice the falling meteors which come in two forms: damaging Hellfire meteors and Generyst infused meteors which create small healing areas for all players.

In addition to the new map, the update has added a co-op versus AI gamemode where players can join together to take down the AI; the announcement for the update stated that this was the first of two co-op focused updates and that players can expect to see a new mode coming later this month.

Evolve became free to play earlier this year which is referred to as Evolve: Stage 2 however some features need to be bought first before players can access them. The 2.05 update is now live and players can find the full patch notes on the official website.

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