June 18, 2018

New South Park game gets harder if you play a Black character due to this reason

New South Park game gets harder if you play a Black character due to this reason

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a game that is hell bent on changing the norm. According to a Eurogamer report, the game’s difficulty will change depending on the skin color of the main character being used.

The gameplay changes would be in the form of the way NPCs respond to the character as well as how much money the characters can make.

During a gameplay demo being showed at a preview event, it was shown that while the difficulty level was displayed as being ‘easy’ if the player chose a white skinned character, it changed to ‘very difficult’ if the player’s skin color of choice was black.

The devs assured that choosing a black skinned character won’t affect combat but warned it’ll affect every other aspect of the game.

NPCs will also react differently to the player’s gender – which includes male, female and ‘other’. After a player chooses one of these options, they can then choose whether they are cisgender or transgender.

South Park games and the television series as a whole is known for being controversial, and this seems like another deliberate attempt by the creators to create more controversy for the series.

It’s a known fact that there has been widespread accusations by the black community that they are being treated unequally in the United States.

The game is taking a dig on this fact by portraying that the lives of its black characters would be difficult in the game world than white characters

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