The first official gameplay trailers have been released for the upcoming Bethesda games; these new trailers were shown at QuakeCon this week and while they are short, they give players a much better idea of what to expect in 2017.

Both Prey and Quake Champions have been confirmed for a 2017 release; in addition to these, a trailer for the just released Doom multiplayer DLC was also shown. This is the first premium Doom DLC to be released and it called Unto the Evil, it was officially released today and can be purchased for $14.99 or is available through the season pass.

The Quake Champions trailer displayed some of the maps available in the game which have a range of themes with both indoor and outdoor maps; the maps appear to be focused around being multi-level and the ones displayed in the trailer are very open. The gameplay itself is fast, gory and displayed several different abilities including a charge attack.

Prey was focused on the plot and gave fans a good view of the space station the game will be based on; various types of shadow-monsters that range from insect-like creatures to giant but swift moving creatures.

While these are the biggest trailers to be shown so far, more news is slowly being released by Bethesda over the course of the event.

Doom Unto the Evil DLC


Quake Champions

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