The latest update for Pokemon Go removed a central part of the game when fans were expecting the developer to fix the existing tracking feature; the “3-steps glitch” has existed in in the game since it was first released to Europe. The glitch showed all Pokemon ‘nearby’ to the player as being the furthest distance away possible which made it impossible to track them in the game. As a result of this, players created various websites to help players externally track and find Pokemon in their local area.

Niantic explained on Facebook that the tracking system was removed to “improve the underlying design” of the game and because it also did not meet their “product goals”. The post also stated that they are looking to improve the feature so players can expect to see a better system in the future.

They also explained that the external Pokemon tracking websites had been closed as they were impacting the quality of their product.

The company is still set on releasing the game on other countries and stated that they’re not communicated with their fanbase right now due to how busy they are. Niantic did add that they would work harder to ensure open communication with the dedicated fans of Pokemon Go.

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