A lawsuit has been filled against Niantic, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.

The reason is simple, the New Jersey man discovered the reason behind why players had been knocking on his door and asking access to his backyard and why people had been loitering outside his house. He claims that Niantic placed Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops on his property without his permission and as a result of this, people are trespassing on his property.

This influx of people has reportedly been interfering with his quality of life and he believes that the companies are profiting from players who are committing illegal acts such as trespassing.

While Niantic also developed Ingress which sends players to different locations around the world, the game caused considerable less issues; most of the Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops in Pokemon Go are actually based on the Portals which players need to visit in Ingress.

There has been no official response yet from the developers or the publisher of Pokemon Go; the lawsuit was first put forwards on July 29th and gives them 21 days to respond from that date. More news about this issue will released once there has been an official response from the companies.

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